French Bulldog Breeder and Seller

Welcome to our website! We hope it is informative and you find our dogs to be the very best. Noah Sanders, of Sanders Kennels, has been breeding and training top-quality dogs for over twenty years, beginning with the American Bulldog. He titled many American Bulldogs in Show and Working Competition. Noah loves the loyalty, confidence, and playful nature that bulldogs in general display.

After years of research, and having a family of his own, he decided to bring in the highly sought out French Bulldog into his breeding program. The French Bulldog exemplifies the best of qualities from all of the bully breeds. They are a perfect family dog to have in your home. This is where Sanders Frenchies began. He searched the world for the best Males and Females to start our program, and he was successful in doing so! Currently, we are producing top quality Blue and Tan Tri colored French Bulldogs, Chocolate carriers, Merle’s, and Fluffy carriers with the best DNA, balanced temperaments and the most beautiful bone structure in the world! Take a look for yourself!

Sanders Frenchies has moved to South Florida! Follow us on social media for daily updates.